Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday, February 28th

Hi Families,

Wednesday, February 28th is Pink Shirt Day. 5B will attend an assembly facilitated by local R.C.M.P. and are asked to wear a pink shirt (or something that has pink on it) in support of the world-wide efforts to decrease bullying.

“Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Over the month of February, and throughout the year, CKNW Kids’ Fund’s Pink Shirt Day aims to raise awareness of these issues, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem.”

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Friday, February 23 – Olympic Day

Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Stratford Elementary students will be participating in a day of indoor/outdoor team building events. Children will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities led by the grade six Leadership group and awarded medals based on sportsmanship and fair play.

As some of the activities are outside, this is a reminder to send appropriate outdoor apparel such as snow pants, jackets, mitts, hats etc. Your child may also want to take an extra set of clothing just in case it is wet outside.

We are looking forward to a day of celebration, especially after following the Olympics so closely.

5B will also be following the Paralympic games as they will no doubt exemplify what it truly means to have a “growth mindset”.

Thank you,

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February 19-23

Hi Families,

Happy Islander Day! I hope you all found some time to enjoy this long weekend with family. Looking ahead to this week and next, I wanted to remind those of you who do not have the ClassDojo app to please check your messages as I have confirmed your student-led conference time, there. If your child still has a math test at home, please have them return it for tomorrow as they are to be included in their student-led conference binders.

Along with the student-led conferences, the Scholastic Book Fair will also be held in the library, next week. I will take the class during a designated time to purchase items. It will be held in the evenings, later in the week, most likely during regular parent-teacher interview times. I will confirm when I have the dates. Regular classroom book orders will go home tomorrow and due back on Thursday, February 29th.

In Math, we have begun N5: Multiplication, two-digit by two-digit using base ten blocks and arrays. I am attaching two helpful videos for review.


Have a great week!


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February 12 – 15

Important Dates:
Wednesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Celebration
Friday, February 16th – No school

Hi Everyone,

Your child is receiving their corrected math test from Friday, today. It is to be signed, corrected on a separate piece of paper, and returned by Thursday. I am attaching the correct answers to the test to help you and your child identify and correct their mistakes.

On Tuesday, we will begin our new Math outcome, N5: Multiplying two-digits by two-digits. We will be learning a variety of strategies which I encourage you to learn alongside with us. I will be posting videos and links for support. This is one of my favourite units because we learn a variety of strategies that really encourage us to understand what multiplication actually is, as opposed to memorizing how to do multiplication the way you and I learned in school. In the meantime, it would not be a bad idea to review basic multiplication facts at home for a few minutes, each evening, if possible.

I am continuing to work on the student-led conference schedule and will let you know your time as soon as I have heard from everyone.

Have a great week,




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5B Student-led conferences

Hi Everyone,

I would like to schedule the student-led conferences over the weekend. If you could get back to me with a few different times that would be suitable for you, that would be appreciated. As always, I am available to meet with you aside from this time if you would like to talk more candidly about your child’s progress. Also, those of you who would like to have an interpreter, we are awaiting a schedule for that, however, you are welcome to join in on your child’s conference, as well.
I would like to hold the conferences on Monday, February 26th, and Tuesday, February 27th.
Sessions would run as follows:
3:00 – 3:45
3:45 – 4:30
4:30 – 5:15
5:15 – 6:00

I appreciate your flexibility. Thank you! 🙂

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Friday – Red & White Day @ SES

Hi Families,
Just to let you know, on Friday, Stratford Elementary is hosting a “Red & White” Day to honour the Canadian Olympic and ParaOlympic athletes at the PeyongChang 2018 Olympics.  Students are encouraged to wear any red and white apparel they might have.

5B will also be journalling briefly each morning throughout the games, keeping track of medals, athletes and any special moments that might arise.

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February 5-9

Hi Families,

Your child is coming home with Math and Writer’s Workshop homework today.

In Math, we are nearing the end of outcome N7: Equivalent Fractions. This week’s homework focuses on comparing and ordering fractions, which we started last week. There are multiple ways to compare fractions. The book has a few strategies listed and can be found on page 171 & 172 in their math textbook (page 183 & 184 of the link to textbook pdf). I have suggested the students complete the basic multiplication sheets tonight and tomorrow if they feel they need more practice in class today and tomorrow. We will be looking to have a quiz on this whole outcome by the end of the week.

As mentioned in a previous post, we are beginning a Mystery Narrative. We have explored many mystery texts over the past few weeks and now we are in the planning stages of our own stories. Students have been asked to complete their graphic organizer at home, which we started in class, today. This is due back on Wednesday in order to begin our writing.

I would like to ask you to start thinking about student-led conferences, which will be happening the last week of February, dates to be confirmed. I am aiming for Tuesday and Wednesday again this term. I will be in touch shortly about this.

Thank you very much for your continued support, at home.


Update: I’m attaching the answers to the math homework 


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