September 16th,2013

September 16, 2013

Welcome to the first blog of 2013.  The students in 5C have been working hard at settling into our classroom.  We have been getting used to the daily routines and the classroom guidelines required for our children to be successful learners.

Reminder:   There is no school this Friday, September 20th.  It is a PD day for teachers.  If you sent a food order for Friday, the money will be sent home with your child today.

Language Arts:  Our word study program begins today.  Your child will arrive home tonight with a green word study duotang containing a detailed explanation of the homework that is required for Thursday.  I have explained each point to the children but it would help if you reviewed these with your child again.  The sentences can be typed or handwritten.

Reading:  Your child should also be spending 20 minutes each night reading a book of their choice.  You can support their reading by having a quick discussion with your child using some of the prompt questions from the self-monitoring handout that you received on “Meet the Teacher” night.

Math:  After reviewing operations and place value with the children for the past week and a half, we are now ready to begin Number Sense.  Our outcomes are
N1: Represent and describe whole numbers to 1 000 000

N2: Using Estimating Strategies including:

  • Front-end rounding
  • Compensation (easy numbers)
  • Compatible Numbers (up and down)


in Problem-Solving Contexts

These outcomes are on our math bulletin board in our classroom so that the children are aware of what our focus is for this month.

Social Studies:  Last week we began a unit on “Artefacts.” Our outcome for this unit is: Students will demonstrate an understanding of how we learn about the past.


I hope that everyone has a great week!

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