We have finished our Language Arts unit on self-monitoring and will begin a unit on analyzing. 

When students analyze they:

  • ·         Remember information from a text
  • ·         Get information from visuals (text boxes, pictures, captions, labels, headings, and diagrams. )
  • ·         Locate a supporting detail from one location and sometimes two locations.
  • ·         Preview a text and find details that build background knowledge.
  • ·         Skim a text to find facts.
  • ·         Use information from the text to provide evidence for opinions and ideas.
  • ·         Sort information into categories.
  • ·         Recognize the use of descriptive language and discuss how it adds to the meaning or enjoyment of a text.
  • ·         Notice and discuss different genres.
  • ·         Notice how the writer builds suspense and interest across the story.
  • ·         Notice how the author or illustrator uses pictures and graphics to convey meaning or create mood.

Helpful prompts include:

  • ·         How did the writer organize the information?
  • ·         What are some important ideas?
  • ·         Who do you think is the writer’s intended audience?
  • ·         What did the writer do to interest you in the story?
  • ·         What was the writer’s purpose in writing the book?
  • ·         How did the writer make the information interesting?
  • ·         What do you know about the type of book (genre) that helps you know what to expect?
  • ·         What were the three most important ideas in this book (non-fiction)?
  • ·         What words does the writer use to create a mood or tone?
  • ·         Are there words that were used to create a feeling or picture in your mind?
  • ·         What did the author do to keep your attention throughout the book?
  • ·         Was the ending predictable?
  • ·         How does the author describe the character?

Writer’s Workshop

Over the next few weeks, students will try out the writing genre of recount.  This text form is summarized below.

Form: Recount

Purpose: to tell about past events (personal or others’ experiences)

Orientation- identifies when, where, who and what with appropriate focus/main idea

Key Events in Time Order- has key events in logical order with sufficient relevant details

Concluding Statement- includes a personal response or evaluation (We drove off thinking we would visit again some day. Boston rocks!)

Special Features

-may include a title

-linking words and phrases (later that afternoon, as I walked out)

-past tense

-first (I or We) or third person (She or They)

-action verbs

-may include dialogue


We will be beginning a unit in Health titled, “Wellness Choices” – Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

Personal Health

Students will be expected to

  • o   Examine the impact of physical activity, nutrition, rest, and immunization on the immune system
  • o   Assess the importance of regular hygiene practices during adolescence
  • o   Examine the impact that changes in interests, abilities, and activities may have on body image
  • o   Examine ways in which healthy eating can accommodate a broad range of eating behaviours
  • o   Examine and evaluate the impact of caffeine, alcohol, and drugs on personal health/wellness

Safety and Responsibility

Students will be expected to

  • o   Identify personal boundaries, and recognize that boundaries vary depending on the nature of relationship, situation, and culture
  • o   Promote safety practices in the school and community
  • o   Determine appropriate safety behaviours for community recreational situations


We started the math outcome N2 last week.  Students will use estimation strategies including front-end rounding, compensation, and compatible numbers in problem solving situations.  A practice sheet of front-end rounding went home today.  The math journal from last week went home today for you to sign and return.


Please note there is no school next Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Keep this in mind when placing food orders.

Have a great week! 

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