Wednesday October 16th, 2013

Administration would like the time for student-led conferences sent home tomorrow with students.  If you have a preferred time and date,  please email me by tomorrow morning. The dates are November 5th and 6th beginning at 3:15 and run every hour after this.  If I do not hear from you I will send a time home that will hopefully work for you and your child. Please keep in mind that your child is participating in this conference as well and needs to attend. 

Grade 5 is so excited about hosting student led conference.  Many teachers in our school are moving towards this type of conference and it is highly encouraged and supported by school administration. Our class will be having conferences on November 5th and 6th and each conference will last roughly 30-45 minutes. Grade 5 English has decided to have the interviews on these dates in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with Glen Stewart and siblings within our school. It is very important that the interview begins promptly at the interview time as I will be providing opening remarks. More than one conference will take place at the same time.  If you have anything of a sensitive or private nature that needs to be addressed, please communicate this prior to the interview. 

During the student-led conference, I will act as a facilitator.  Each child in the class has a binder which will showcase his/her work from the term.  Your child will review his/her work and progress with you. I have designed a script which we will be filling in over the next week. In order for you to understand how I see your child progressing, I have also created some checklists which your child and I will complete.  It is my hope that the detailed checklists will have you leaving Stratford Elementary knowing your child better than you would have with a traditional 15 minute interview.  Preparation for the student-led conferences is certainly helping your child take a more active role in his/her learning.  I am amazed at how well the students can articulate their strengths and areas of need.   Most students are really showing ownership for their own learning!

Benefits of Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

1. Students take responsibility and are held accountable for their learning.

2. Students take additional pride in their work.

3. Encourages wider range of student/parent communication.

4. Encourages communication that focuses on student growth and development, rather than deficits.

5. Increases parent participation in school.

6. Builds students’ reflection and goal-setting for their own learning.

7. The conference preparation and the conducting of the conference becomes its own on-going learning experience.


  It is my hope that you will enjoy the experience and learn from your child.  I will be around to say a few words and answer questions you may have.  I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire after the conference to get feedback.  Also, I have a brief letter I would like you to write to your child for them to include in their binder.  


All I ask is to please

__ Listen to what your child says allow them to be the leader

__ Be positive

__ Ask questions

__ Set goals for improvement

__ Complete the Student-Led Conference questionnaire

__ Write your child a note about the conference

__Celebrate the successes of your wonderful child!


We are also asking, if it is possible, in order for the full focus to be on your child please leave siblings at home.  


I am really looking forward to seeing each of you! 


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