Our grade 5 classes will be having a short Halloween celebration on Thursday afternoon during the last hour of the day.  Students who wish to dress up may bring their costumes with them and get changed following the afternoon recess.  We would like them to change back into their regular clothes for the bus ride home.  Our principal has asked that there be no costume weaponry (fake swords, guns, etc) of any kind brought to school and that there are no masks or anything that will cover their faces. Mr. Carpenter also made the request that lunch kits not be full of candy on Friday.  🙂

Two families signed up for treats for Thursday.  I will e-mail those families individually to remind you, if there are others that have not signed up yet for any treats and would like to send some for Halloween please email me and let me know what you will be sending.  Please keep in mind that we are a peanut/ nut free school and are not permitted any food items that are from bakeries as they cannot guarantee that they are nut free. Home-made items are fine as long as they do not contain nuts.

Word Work
We will continue to use our word work time in our class schedule in preparation (filling in our checklists and scripts) for our student led conferences.  No word work this week. 

Student Led Conferences

Thank you so much for your quick replies regarding Student Led Conference times. The students have been working very hard on completing their binders and look forward to sharing them with you next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks for all you do!!!  Happy Halloween!

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