November 11, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Student Led Conferences:

A huge thank-you to our families for coming out and supporting our students as they shared their Student Led Conferences. I am so proud of how the students communicated their learning to you.

Word Study Homework:

Our word study is going to be back up and running this week. We will be looking at the –tion ending. They will have their test on Friday.  Instead of sentences the students will be responsible for writing a descriptive paragraph that will be due Friday. The guidelines that the students must follow will be in their green doutang. The other side of the sheet will give possible topics that they can choose from to write their descriptive paragraph. The third sheet is for me to mark their paragraph. I will be spending time on Tuesday in class explaining and modeling descriptive paragraphs. This paragraph can be typed or written with a pencil. The students have been practicing writing paragraphs over the last number of weeks and should be able to do a really good job with their paragraph. They are reminded to make sure that they:
• Indent
• Have an interesting topic sentence
• Have 3-4 supporting details
• Have a concluding sentence that wraps up the paragraph

Math Facts Support:

Here are some good websites that can help with practicing math facts at home. (Check out the column on the right hand side)

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

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