November 26th, 2013

Wow, the end of November is here already! It has been a busy few weeks finalizing report cards.   Report cards go home December 6th.   I am very pleased with the progress so far this year. 

Language Arts

We have been working on evaluating strategies unit in Language Arts.  I’ve been reading a book titled, “A Dog’s Life” for the past few weeks.   This fiction story provides the students a number of opportunities to evaluate the text.  This is an area that all students in the class need additional exposure to.  When readers evaluate they need to:

  • ·         Recognize the difference between fiction, non-fiction, and info-fiction texts
  • ·         Recognize if the author has a sound argument or a biased opinion
  • ·         Form opinions about the content presented to them
  • ·         Be willing to confirm or adjust their opinions as they read and learn others’ views
  • ·         Establish viewpoints and see events from other people’s perspectives
  • ·         Back up their opinions with evidence from the text
  • ·         Critique the author’s craft (was that a good ending? Did the author explain that clearly?)

As mentioned in the interview, students should be able to develop an opinion and back-up their views with some evidence.

I provided you with a number of useful questions to help guide your reading conversations at interviews.  Here are a few more questions to add to your list:

  • ·         What makes you think this is fiction? non-fiction?
  • ·         What is the author’s opinion? Why do you think that?
  • ·         Is the author trying to persuade us about something? How is he/she doing that?
  • ·         What do you think about…
  • ·         What’s your opinion about…?
  • ·         What evidence do you have for your opinion?
  • ·         What might make you change your opinion?
  • ·         What were the best things about the book?
  • ·         What did the author do well in the book? What were the worst things about the book?
  • ·         If you were the author, what would you change?
  • ·         What did you like about how the author wrote the book? Could these things be used in your own writing?

In Writer’s Workshop students have been exploring procedural writing.   The students typically find this text form the least challenging.  We will be publishing a piece this week.

Form: Instructions/Procedures

Purpose: to tell how to do something

Goal or aim- identifies topic by title or opening statement(s)

Materials/ingredients- lists materials

Method/process- includes key steps in correct order with adequate details focusing on how/when

Conclusion or Evaluation- includes a closing statement or an evaluation (To taste like mine you should add maple syrup)

Special Features

-may include headings, illustrations, diagrams or labels

  • ·         -numbered steps or words showing sequence (first, next, then)
  • ·         -point form or full sentences starting with sequence words or verbs
  • ·         -present tense
  • ·         -may be written in second person (You…)



We have started a new Science unit titled, “The Human Body.” In this unit students will explore the digestive, excretory, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.  


The students are doing very well this year with the multiplication strategies.  A reminder there is extra support on Wednesday mornings, however this week it will be on Thursday.  We will begin lesson 6 from the student text today.  This outcome has students multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers.  I will most likely spend the entire week on this outcome.   Please continue to practice multiplication facts to ensure quick retrieval.


Bake Sale

For the past five years, grade 5 students have hosted a holiday bake sale.  The money raised is used to purchase items for families in need who have a child at Stratford Elementary.    We are asking every family to send in a treat/food donation to be sold at the bake sale.    We are selling all items for $1.00.  If you want to package your items ahead of time, please keep this in mind.   Food should be dropped off by 9:00am Wednesday, December 4th or sent along with your child.  It is a very exciting day for our students and we hope that all children can bring in an item and participate in this wonderful learning experience.   Each year this has made a huge impact on a number of families who have received this gift. Last year we raised over $950. It is our hope to meet or surpass this amount.   The bake sale will be December 4 and 5th.



Field Trip

Our school will be going to the play at the Confederation Center on December 20th. Notices went home yesterday with students with more information regarding cost and lunches. The cost will be $10 and students are asked to bring a peanut free lunch that does not need to be microwaved. More information will come closer to the date.

Jersey Day

Students can wear their favourite jersey to school on Friday. 


Have a great last week of November! Jenna

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