6 More School Days!!!

Wow! Time really is flying by!

Our bake sale last week raised a whopping $1150!!!! This is absolutely unbelievable!!!  The children took charge of everything so beautifully and responsibly!!

 As you know report cards went home Friday.  Please send the envelope back to school signed as soon as you can.  You can keep the report card at home

We will have our class Christmas party on Thursday, December 19th. I will be emailing the families who signed up for treats. If anyone else would like to send anything additional please feel free 🙂

Word Study:
There will be no word work next week. 

Language Arts:
I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about our “cereal box” persuasive writing exercise.  We started this last week and the students are BEYOND excited about it.  We have been designing a cereal box (with persuasive features) and creating a commercial.  Next week, the commercials will be video- taped and shown to other grade 5 classes within our school.

Junior Achievement (this will begin on December 16th)

This is a four-day program (1 hour/day) where children learn more about the business world and economics.  The program provides practical information to students about the organization and operation of a business.  It also provides them with the opportunity to explore career options with positive role models as presenters.  Our presenter is Richard Russell.  We will begin this program on Monday.  Junior Achieivement ties in well with our cereal boxes/commercials as the last day demonstrates how to market a product.


We will be continuing with our Science Unit on the human body this week. We have covered all 7 systems: digestive, respiratory, excretory, circulatory, nervous, muscular and skeletal. On Friday, December 13th, we will begin a “carousal” activity where students will spend one hour a day with each of the grade 5 teachers.  Each of the teachers will become an “expert” on one of the body systems and will plan an interactive activity to go with their system.  This is an excellent opportunity for the teachers to get to know more students in grade 5, and the students always enjoy getting to know more staff.   

We have been working on the strategies for division.  I showed them the “old fashioned” method which most of “us” are familiar with. I will be introducing more strategies next week and in the New Year.  I have noticed that many children need to continue to review their multiplication facts.  Please continue to practice these at home each evening.

Have a great weekend.

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