Tuesday February 4, 2014


We wanted to update you on few items.

Dates to Remember:      Monday, February 17th (Islander Day) – no school

                                                Friday, February 28 (P.D. Day) – no school

                                                Tuesday, March 4th and Wednesday, March 5th (Student Led Conferences)                                                          Times will be sent home as the dates get closer.

Descriptive Reports:  We have been working on these reports for the better part of January and it is my hope to have them all completed by Friday. After correcting them I am going to conference about the corrected reports with individual children and discuss with them their strengths and areas of improvement.  Then the students correct any errors and print off a final copy.  You will get a chance to see this writing project during student led conferences.

Reading Strategy:  I will be sending discussion questions home today focusing on our new strategy which is inferring.  Inferring is when students use clues from the author and personal experiences to create meaning about what they read.  This can sometimes be challenging because students have to “read between the lines”.  These are the same questions that we will be working on in class with our present read aloud, “Hiding Edith”.  Choose one or two questions each night to help guide your discussion about your child’s personal reading book.

Math:    We are in the process of completing our second “measurement” outcome.  SS1:  Design and construct different rectangles given either perimeter or area, or both and draw conclusions. 
SS2:  Demonstrate an understanding of understanding length (mm and cm). We will be having a journal this week on SS1. We will be moving to the Patterns and Relations unit after the journal is completed.

I hope everyone has an awesome week.

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