March 10 – 14

Hello Parents of 5E!

I will continue to use Ms. Connolly’s blog for the time being!  I hope your children are finding the transition smooth so far.  They are a great group of students!

Friday is Acadian Day.  Students are encouraged to wear the colours of the flag (red, white, blue, yellow).

Homework – Extra Practice 1 due Friday.  The Math text book has some great examples of Equivalent fractions (p. 166-168!)
You will be receiving a letter home re: Fractions & Decimals Unit
Please send back your child’s Math Journal on Equations that is to be signed and corrected on a separate piece of paper.  Starting this week, we will begin “Forget-Me-Not-Fridays” which are foundational outcome reviews of which we are piloting.

Homework – “Said is Dead” due Thursday
Read 20 mins

We have begun the Sequencing Unit.  (Putting things in order, thinking about what happened first, second, and after that.)
We have begun the Narrative Text Type.
We will begin Novel Letters today.

If you don’t mind sending me an email indicating that you are following the blog, that would be great.  That way I can have a current address to reach you at and make sure you are aware of what’s happening in 5E! 🙂

Thank you,


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4 Responses to March 10 – 14

  1. Carmie Mackenzie says:

    Hi Meredith, I am following the blog. Thank you

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  2. LAURIE KELLY says:

    I follow the blog. Laurie Kelly (Liam)


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