Bully Free Zone Book Club

ImageStarting next week, your child will be participating in a Book Club as part of their Reader’s Workshop.  Each day, I will be reading aloud a novel which is about a child being bullied (to be posted later), followed by your child reading specific sections of their particular Book Club novel, which deals with the Bullying theme as well.

Each day during this time, your child is required to read a specific chapter (or chapters), and answer a pre-selected “before reading”, “during reading”, or “after reading” question, and answer within their red duotang.  Any reading or responses not completed in class are to be done that same evening at home. The chances of this happening are very likely.

Book Club members will then meet the next day prior to their next reading assignment to discuss their questions and any other ideas they had from the previous reading assignment.  The students have been instructed that they are to not fall behind, or read ahead, as each book club member is responsible for contributing to specific discussions each day.

The Book Club runs until May 9th with Final Discussions and responses the following week.


 An example of the schedule your child is assigned will be pasted on the inside of their red duotang, and will look something like the schedule you see below.  This is a great opportunity to talk to your children about their novels as well as the read aloud.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂


Date/Reading Assignment/Job

Date/Reading Assignment/Job

Date/Reading Assignment/Job

Date/Reading Assignment/Job

Dork on the Run

April 28

Read Chapters


Before Question

April 29

Read Chapters

3 & 4

During Question

April 30

Read Chapters

5 & 6

During Question

May 1

Read Chapters

7, 8, & 9

During Question

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