May 26 – 30

Hi Everyone,

Hard to believe June is just around the corner!  We have a number of things on the go:

Reader’s Workshop – Final Discussion Questions for the Bullying Book Club have been evaluated and will be sent home with your child over the course of this week.  These questions include Within, About, & Beyond the text comprehension questions and your signature is required.

Writer’s Workshop:
1 – Your child’s Narrative text type has been sent home for your review and signature.  Please see your child’s rubric and my comments.
2 – We are finishing up an Explanatory text type on Nubia.  This particular form of writing is usually based on research, however with all the work we were doing on Nubia in S.S., the cause-and-effect outcome fit nicely with the Explanatory report.  Essentially, the research was done for us in our exploration of this ancient society, and the students gained a deeper understanding having created the Nubian triptych, showing why the Nubians settled where they did, as well as how they affected their environment.  I will be sending the Explanatory reports home to be reviewed and signed next week.

1 – We have finished a short Unit on Volume and the students will complete a Math Journal on this unit, tomorrow.  They are required to finish their “Homework” they started in class today, for tomorrow.
2 – We will have a Forget-Me-Not-Friday Quiz on Friday
3 – We will be starting the Geometry Unit on Monday
4 – The last week of Math Help will be offered on June 4th

Please return any Field Trip forms/$ with your child ASAP.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me! 🙂

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