June 16 – 20

Hi Everyone,

This is our last full week at Stratford Elementary and we are working away to complete a few assignments.

In Math, we are finishing up Statistics and Probability, and learning about translations and rotations in Art.

In Writing, we are creating a Poetry Booklet of 6 different types of poems.  

In Social Studies, students have created a puppet show based in the Middle Ages of which we will present to one of the Grade 4 classes on Monday afternoon.  I am providing materials to make the puppets, but I mentioned to the students that if there was anything extra they wanted to use for their puppets (felt, tinfoil, glitter etc.), they could bring that in for tomorrow and the next day.  

The students have been asking about an end-of-the-year party.  As we have our puppet show on Monday and our field trip on Tuesday, I thought Friday afternoon (1:35 – 2:25) might be a good time to have a little celebration in 5E.  Some students asked if they could bring in treats, however this was not yet discussed as a class.  I don’t think we need to go crazy in the treat department but if your child (you) would like to contribute something, please feel free.  However, please do not feel obligated.  


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