Student Led Conferences

Hello Everyone,

Our Student Led Conference (PT interviews) dates will be Tuesday, November 4th and Wednesday, November 5th. Times will be available beginning at:
· 3:00-3:45
· 3:45-4:30
· 4:30- 5:15
· 5:15-6:00
· 6:00-6:45

Please take a look at your calendar and choose a date and a couple of possible times that work better for you and your child. We appreciate your flexibility with your date/time as scheduling conferences can sometimes be challenging. Let me know through email what works for you.
Please e-mail me with a preferred student led conference day/time. Once I have scheduled everyone in, you will be receiving a yellow sheet with your time. Below is further information describing what a student led conference entails.

Grade 5 is so excited about hosting student led conference. Grade 5 English has decided to have the interviews on these dates in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with Glen Stewart and siblings within our school. It is very important that the interview begins promptly at the interview time as I will be providing opening remarks. There will be 4 students presenting their binders to their parents at the same time. Each family will have a corner of the room in which to share their child’s portfolio.

Each child in the class has a binder which will showcase his/her work from the term. Your child will review his/her work and progress with you. I have designed a script for reading, writing, math and work habits which we will be filling in over the next week. Students will have the opportunity to assess their progress so far and identify areas of strength as well as next steps. During the student-led conference, I will be around to say a few words and answer any questions you may have.

Preparation for the student-led conferences will certainly help your child take a more active role in his/her learning. I think you will be impressed with how well your child learns to articulate their strengths and next steps. This is a great opportunity for them to take ownership of their own learning!

Benefits of Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

1. Students take responsibility and are held accountable for their learning.
2. Students take additional pride in their work.
3. Encourages wider range of student/parent communication.
4. Encourages communication that focuses on student growth and development, rather than deficits.
5. Increases parent participation in school.
6. Builds students’ reflection and goal-setting for their own learning.
7. The conference preparation and the conducting of the conference becomes its own on-going learning experience.

If you have anything of a sensitive or private nature that needs to be addressed, please communicate this prior to the interview.

Just a reminder to send along a pumpkin for art on Tuesday, October 21st if you have not already done so. We are also asking students to have a look at home for any possible decorating supplies for this art activity (gauze, beads, buttons, Halloween/fall decorations, string, Styrofoam balls, gems and stencils).

Free milk day is Thursday, October 23rd.

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4 Responses to Student Led Conferences

  1. Jack Yan says:

    Thanks Maclsaac,

    Wendy and I would like pick Nov. 5th after 5pm.

    Cheers Jack On 2014-10-17 5:27 PM, “Ms. MacIsaac’s 5B Blog” wrote:

    > cameronmacisaac posted: “Hello Everyone, Our Student Led Conference > (PT interviews) dates will be Tuesday, November 4th and Wednesday, November > 5th. Times will be available beginning at: · 3:00-3:45 · 3:45-4:30 · 4:30- > 5:15 · 5:15-6:00 · “


  2. Jennifer Burke says:

    Either evening 6 or after. Or the first time! Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Tracey Clements says:

    Hi Nov 4 at 3:45 or 4:30 would work well for us. Thanks Tracey (Grace Larkin)

    Sent from my iPad


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