Jan 26 – 29

Hi Everyone,

With the anticipated snowstorm tomorrow (and possibly Wednesday), I have sent home Homework:
–  Math Unit 1 Lesson 1 – Number Patterns and Pattern Rules (page 2 & 3).  Attached to this is our Text Book Practice (page 8).  The students and I have worked together on page 8 and completed the first 4 questions, but I would like them to complete these independently, to get the ball rolling for the following questions.
Possessive or Plural worksheet.
Read 20 minutes

The students have been working hard on their iMovie trailers.  Students are encouraged to bring in any non-valuable props for their own projects this week as we will be finishing up over the next few days.

5B is designating a full day to creating our Nubia triptychs next week.  This is a 3 paneled project.  Last year, some families provided panels from cardboard boxes (no smaller than a cereal box and I can cut the boxes if you like).  I have some boxes at home that I can use and I can go to the LC and grocery store for more if need be.  We are finding that actual cereal boxes are too weak for a base and just going with the panels as bases.  Your child should also have a list of materials to contribute to their group of 3.  I am encouraging them to use items and materials from around home but some have purchased from the Dollar Store (trees, animals, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, clay, rocks, jewels etc.).  I can provide paint, cotton balls, tissue paper and aluminum foil.

In Writing, students are learning how to create an Explanatory report and will use the Nubia project to create a paper, slideshow or poster (bristol board).

Book orders are due Friday, February 13th

We are continuing to take a break for Word Work so we can fit in our iMovie projects and our Nubia projects.  I will let you know when we resume a “normal” schedule.

On a side note, I’m really enjoying my time with 5B.  They continue to be a wonderful group to work with.  The students often get comments from other teachers and parents about how well behaved and respectful they are as a group outside of the classroom as well.  Thanks for all your support! 🙂

Stay warm!


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