Feb 9 – 13

Hi Everyone,

We have wrapped up our iMovie trailers (with a few technical glitches along the way) and our Nubia triptychs are also complete. We look forward to sharing them with you during Student Led Conferences. Thank you so much for contributing to your child’s Nubia project. They look amazing!

Writer’s Workshop
Now that our Social Studies triptychs have been completed, we have begun our work on our Explanatory Report, focusing on how the ancient land of Nubia came to be and what effect the Nubians had on their environment (cause and effect). This report can be done in the form of a paper, slideshow or poster (bristol board will need to be purchased outside of school if your child plans on doing a poster).  Each student has received a checklist, which will help them organize their notes (cue cards) for whatever form they choose.   Each student also has a Before, During & After guide with the information they are to include, as well as the page numbers where the information can be found in their text book. Some students have also requested a more specific guide to organize their information.
Our next writing piece will be a Narrative story. Following the theme of our Book club, it will be in the form of a mystery. I will be sending home the Descriptive Reports the students completed before Christmas break at the end of the week. Please take the time to read this report. I would like you to sign it and have it returned to be put in the Student Led Conference binders.

Reader’s Workshop
Tuesday, we are beginning the Inferring Reading Strategy Unit. This unit builds on what good readers already do; read between the lines, using clues to fill in gaps when the author doesn’t tell us something. I will be reading aloud a novel, Hiding Edith and the students will be asked to infer in small and whole group discussions, as well as written responses. Throughout all reading units, I am looking for students to contribute their thoughts, ideas, feelings and opinions, as well as to ask questions when they don’t understand others’ ideas.   These outcomes will be assessed during whole group discussion, small groups (partners and guided reading), and one-on-one.

We will have a Math quiz on Wednesday, assessing Patterns & Relations (patterns, pattern rules, and equations).   Our next unit will be on Multiplication & Division. We will be learning how to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit, and dividing 3-digit by 1-digit. It would be beneficial for each student to practice basic multiplication facts at home. In grade 5, students should be able to retrieve the answers to basic multiplication questions automatically.
*Please have your child send in any outstanding homework, signed Math Journals or tests, as we will include these in the Student Led Conference binders.

Valentine’s Day
On Tuesday, I will send home a list of all students for those who would like to distribute Valentine’s Day Cards. This is not mandatory, but some students have been asking. My only requirement is that if your child plans on handing out cards, each student in the classroom receives one (27 students).
We will devote 30 minutes to a little Valentine’s Day celebration on Friday afternoon. I will try to remember to contact the parents who signed up for treats on this day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

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