SS & Math

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all are safe, sound and warm! The amount of snow is quite something and I know of some who have gone without power for quite some time. Hopefully that doesn’t apply to any of you.
In an attempt to catch up on missed class time, I just want to reinforce what was expected of students on Tuesday, that being Social Studies rough copy notes complete and ready to be typed. Each student should have their text book, along with the student/teacher checklist, a Before/During/After information sheet, and most importantly, their own notes. I’ve instructed them to follow the checklist, writing at least a paragraph for the following:
1) Introduction (era, location, climate and introducing how Nubia came to be and what influence Nubians had on the geographic features, without getting into detail)
*2) How the Nubians used the geographic features (5 ways)
*3) The impact the Nubians had on the environment
4) Conclusion (summing up all of the above, including personal statement/ideas about how the Nubians lived off the land).
Whether your child has chosen a paper report, slideshow or poster, they are to have text boxes, pictures/diagrams/maps etc. which they don’t have to complete at home but should be considered.
This planning is to be done independently and the final copy will be done in school.

Last week, 2 math multiplication sheets were sent home. These sheets will be beneficial to review with your child for our new unit, multiplication. Basic review, written questions or fast math using these facts might be something you would like to review with your child.

Hopefully I see 5B on Thursday!


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