SHAPES survey – Please return by Monday

The following is a message from the SHAPES co-ordinator, Melissa Munro-Bernard.  She is asking for the permission forms to be returned by Monday, February 23rd.

It’s been quite an eventful couple days – hopefully everyone will be back to school, and things will be getting back to normal, by the end of the week!!
With these school cancellations, we’re really pressed for time in terms of preparing for surveys at schools the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to pick up returned permission forms from your school on Monday, February 23rd.
I recognize that you may not have as many back as you’d like given the storm days, but we’ll gladly take what you do have to get them processed, and we’ll come back again for any more a few days before the survey.
Melissa Munro-Bernard, MA
SHAPES-PEI Coordinator
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, PE
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2 Responses to SHAPES survey – Please return by Monday

  1. Sharie Hughes says:

    Hi Meredith, I filled out the shapes permission form online. It wouldn’t allow me to choose grade 5. Earliest was grade 6. Hope that’s ok. Thanks, Sharie Sent from my iPhone



    • cameronmacisaac says:

      Thanks Sharie. I haven’t explored the parent survey. Simon will have to have his permission form in on Friday or Monday indicating whether he has permission to complete the survey himself. Thanks!


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