Student-Led Conferences

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying this sunny day! It’s time to start thinking about Student-Led Conference times again. Missing this past week put a bit of a bump into things, so I thought I’d post a blog to get the ball rolling so the scheduling can happen quickly.

If everything stays the same within the school, our nights will be Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th. Each interview is a maximum of 45 minutes, starting at 3:00pm and the last interview being 6:00-6:45.

To keep things efficient, I was hoping that we could keep the same time slots as 1st term, with a few minor scheduling changes/additions for a couple of people. I have the schedule from 1st term in front of me if you are unsure what time you had, however once I hear from a few parents on time changes, I will email a schedule and we can work out the finer details from there. I hope that sounds alright.

Have a great day,

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