Alternate Student Transportation Plan for Stratford Elementary #PEI

Stratford Elementary has a designated entrance and exit for parents dropping off students. We will be using the Cul-de-sac entrance at the front of the school. This is a separate area from our Bus parking lot! There is absolutely no dropping off or picking up of students in the bus parking area between the two schools. This is for the safety of all students!

Staff will be present to assist with helping students exit from cars in a safe and timely manner.

All staff will wear an orange/yellow safety vest to be clearly visible.

Please do not park vehicles in drop off zone!

Students will then enter the school upon arrival and head to their classrooms.

Students that attend Stratford Elementary and are dropped off at Glen Stewart will then walk down the sidewalk to enter their school. Students from Glen Stewart Primary that are dropped at Stratford Elementary will then walk on the sidewalk and enter their school. Therefore, parents will only need to make one drop off.

We will request the RCMP to provide traffic control at the entrance to Glen Stewart Drive.

We are asking parents to please drop of their child/children in a staggered fashion where possible to minimize congestion. Families with children in multiple grades need only make one drop off!

Drop off
7:55 – 8:15am Grades 4 and 5
8:15 – 8:30am Grade 6

Pick up
2:30 – 2:45pm Grades 4 and 5
2:45 – 3:00pm Grade 6

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