Stratford Elementary Bus Transportation Update for Friday, March 27th

Transportation Update

We would like to thank everyone for helping to make today a successful and safe day for students. We truly appreciate the efforts of all who transported children to and from school. Tomorrow we will have most of our busses in operation (please refer to the list below). In order to ensure the safety of our students, vehicles will not be permitted to enter the BUS PARKING LOT at any time tomorrow. Those that are transporting students can use the visitor parking lot at the front of the school as per usual.



The bus routes for Glen Stewart & Stratford Elementary Schools have been assessed and the following buses will be running as normal tomorrow:

Bus 4 – Shelley MacDonald

Bus 14 – Marlene Beaton

Bus 22 – Robbie Trainor

Bus 26 – Allan McGuigan

Bus 32 – Rob Harding

Bus 45 – Howard Dunlop (Roger Stanley)

Bus 46 – Jason MacKinnon

Bus 87 – Lawrence Bingley

Bus 110 – Dennis Bingley

Bus 149 – Anthony Cannon

Bus 175 – Stewart Mutch

Bus 189 – David Buell

Bus 193 – Amanda Swim

The following buses will not be running tomorrow:

Bus 47 – Glen Pollock

Bus 178 – Jimmy Dunn

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