April Update

Hi Everyone,

As we head into April, I wanted to let you know where we are at and where we are heading.

Currently in math, we are continuing to work on Division.  We have been learning the traditional algorithm along with a strategy called “Repeated Subtraction”.  We have also learned how to divide using Base Ten Blocks.  At the end of the day, I will accept whichever strategy your child uses, as long as they understand the concept and the procedure.  I have re-posted the links to the Math Makes Sense text book, as well as the YouTube video Ms. Connolly has posted as an introduction to Division.

Link to Math Text Book:
Division using repeated subtraction is on p. 101 of the Math Text Book
(although on my PDF reader on my computer, it is page 113 of 352).
We were working on pages 102-103 of the Math text book today.
We have discussed Division using Base Ten Blocks is on p. 117
(this would help with place value using the traditional method).

Link to Ms. Connolly’s YouTube video on Divison:

*Math Night – an information sheet went home today inviting you and your child to our 4,5,6 Math night towards the end of April.  If you are interested in learning new Math games to use at home, please fill out and return the bottom part of the green slip.

We have begun writing our Mystery Narratives.  Students have been brainstorming ideas to write a mystery, which should include most of the following elements: crime, detective/sleuth, victim, suspect(s), witness(es), sidekick(s), clues, evidence, distractions and a solution.  We are noticing that brainstorming a mystery story is harder than it seems.  I encourage you to ask your child what their story will be about!

We are currently exploring a variety of Mystery texts to help mentor our own writing.

Yesterday we started Health: Relationship Choices.  Following the curriculum guide, we are discussing emotions as well as social/emotional health.  There has been a lot of discussion the past two days and I encourage you to talk with your children about what we are learning about.

Word Work:
We had put Word Work on the back burner however I would like to return to it.  I will let you know when Homework resumes.

Student Teacher:
Starting on Tuesday, April 7th, 5B will welcome Michaela Misener for 5 weeks.  Michaela is currently completing an international placement in Sweden and will finish her third pre-service placement with us before she graduates this Spring.  We are very excited to have another educator in the classroom and we look forward to her contributions to the classroom!

Maternity Leave:
I’m not sure of my exact departure date (due date is mid-June), but if I can hang on as long as I’d like to, I hope to stick around until the 1st week of June.  Hopefully I will have more information in the next few weeks, however there is much to do before then and I’m sure the transition will be smooth regardless!

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


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