Kidblog – Novel Letters starting April 20th

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned during Student-Led Conferences, 5B will be writing Novel Letters; discussing books, reading, writers, and writing through blog posts on  This is to be completed as homework, however the students know they are able to access the computers at school if unable to access a computer/internet at any point.

Your child will receive Novel Letter Instructions with their weekly due date, assignment and guiding questions.  Each student will be expected to complete their weekly assignment on a specifically assigned day of the week (Mon-Thurs).

This blog assignment will run for 4 weeks, with a new assignment on their assigned day.  By the end of the cycle, each student will have completed 4 assignments: a letter to me, responses to my questions, posed 2 questions to three other classmates re: their novel letter, and answered their peer’s questions.

Please look for this package in your child’s agenda tomorrow, Thursday, April 16th.

You can find 5B’s kidblog the following ways:

1) Type in the URL (save it as a “Bookmark” or a “favourite” for easier access later) Hit “login” on top right corner, select their name, and enter password.

2) You can google and hit “login” on top right corner:
Students login by entering the class email:, selecting their name, and entering their password.

Only students in 5B are able to view the class blog, and all posts and comments are approved and monitored by me.


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