Homework, Field Trip $ & other

Hi Everyone,

A few items that you need to be aware of:

– Math homework (one sheet on Area & Perimeter and one sheet on Multiplication & Division due Thursday).  We have now completed all Foundational Outcomes in Math and your child will be assessed weekly in these areas.  Please watch for when Forget-Me-Not-Friday Math quizzes are to be signed by you and corrected by your child.

– Forget-Me-Not-Friday Quiz from last Friday was due yesterday, to be signed and corrected.  Students are encouraged to keep these for future practice.

– We are into Week #2 of our Novel Letters via kidblog.org.  Please see your child’s information package regarding the requirements.  This week each child is responsible for responding to my questions.

– Mystery Narrative story was due on Friday.  Some students are having to stay in during lunch recess to finish this.

– Students who come to school without their Homework complete or for behaviour reasons are to go to Homework Club at lunch recess (11:35).  They are also expected to write a letter to myself, Ms. Misener and you indicating why they are attending Homework club and how they can resolve the situation.

– There is no permission form for the Shrek play.  Your signature at the start of the year permits your child to attend.  $10 is due my May 4th.  The play is on May 8th.

– Ms. Misener is teaching 100% now.  She has been covering Science (Changes in Matter), Math (Area & Perimeter), Persuasive Writing, as well as Reader’s Workshop.  Therefore, you may see her signature on anything that goes home in the next 2 weeks.

– Forget-Me-Not-Friday assessment on Thursday.
– Area and Perimeter quiz on Tuesday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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