Grade 5 Math Foundational Outcome Cheat Sheet

Dear Parents,

I have created a “cheat sheet” for you and your children as a review for all of the Grade 5 Math Foundational Outcomes. 

We have now completed each foundational outcome and the students are being assessed both daily and weekly. 

Each day we do “reach back” on these outcomes before our regular math lessons. On Fridays, the students also complete a “Forget-Me-Not-Friday” which mirrors the Progess Monitoring assessments your child completes every 3 weeks (4 assessments in total). 

You should have seen 2 of the FMNF quizzes by now. I require the students to correct their errors and have you sign them. Once I know you have seen it, I return them to the students for future review. The Progress Monitoring assessments do not go home but the results are tracked and sent to the English Language School Board. 

The cheat sheet I am sending home is to help with the corrections your child is responsible for upon completion. Please refer to the blog for links to the multiplication and division unit as well as the math text book. 



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