September, 2016

Good afternoon,

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to receive classroom updates through my blog. I hope it will keep you more than informed! 🙂

Some important dates to remember for this month:
Tuesday, September 27th – School Pictures (flyer sent home today)
Friday, September 30th – Field trip to Orwell Corner (form to be sent home)

As part of our Social Studies unit – Investigating the Past, students are asked to interview someone (over the age of 60), in person or via skype.  The due date for this assignment is Friday, September 30th.  The actual assignment will be sent home tomorrow, so students will have two weekends to complete it.  All instructions can be found on the assignment. You might want to brainstorm someone who might be willing to participate in this interview with your child.

Math – We are continuing to learn about Number Sense; representing and describing whole numbers up to 1 000 000 as well as using estimating strategies such as front-end rounding, compensation, and compatible numbers.

Reading – We will be beginning Self-monitoring (monitoring their understanding and using fix-up strategies to improve their understanding) along with our read aloud, Fish In A Tree.

Writing – Over the past two weeks, we have been brainstorming ideas to write about and have also begun the text form, Recount which is writing about a past personal experience.  I’m eager to read their final pieces!

Book Orders – Having been away all last year, I was not sent the Scholastic Book Order flyers last week.  September book orders will arrive next week and on time for the rest of the year.  Apparently, parents are now even able to pay with VISA, online! 🙂

As you know, I have provided students with a Ziploc bag for their agenda, assignments and any forms that need to be sent home.  Some students do have binders, and if you feel like the Ziploc bag is not working for your child, you might want to consider investing in a binder with pockets as it holds everything nicely.  I will leave that up to you.

Have a wonderful night,


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