September 26-30

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder on a few things:

Social Studies Interview is due Friday, September 30th

Social Studies Field Trip to Orwell Corner is Friday, September 30th.  Students are asked to bring a lunch that does not need to be heated.  Also, I mentioned to the students to dress in layers as we will be outside for most of the day and it will probably be a bit chilly.


I will be returning the student’s first Math Journal tomorrow, to be corrected if need be.  This was an assessment just to let me know if I can move on as a class, from working with whole numbers to estimation.  For this and every future math assessment and/or math homework, students are expected to leave the mistakes as is on their original sheet and make the proper corrections on a separate piece of looseleaf with their name on it.  It is to be signed by a parent, stapled on the back and handed back in to me, usually 2 days later. The students will have these to reflect on. In the past, the students and I have found this to be a great way to see where a mistake has been made and how to fix it.  If it is only one minor mistake, a sticky note will do.

Next week we will be beginning a Science Unit: The Human Body

Over the next couple of weeks we will conference about writing “Recounts” where student wrote about a fall memory.  I will be looking for their ability to select and write about an idea and support it with details, organize their information in certain ways and include proper punctuation and spelling.

We are still reading Fish In A Tree and also learning how to Self-Monitor, i.e., fix-up strategies to improve our understanding when reading.  For example; slow down, re-read, read on, ask a friend, place a sticky next to an unknown word/phrase, use strategies for tricky words etc.  You might find it interesting to see what your child does when reading at home in the evenings!

Have a great week!




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