October 11-14

Hi Everyone,

A few things this week:

Homework, due Friday:
– Math: Estimating Word Problems
– Writing: Contractions

Students will be assessed in Estimating, tomorrow.  It will be sent home soon after for you to sign after students have corrected any mistakes.

Two notices went home yesterday:
– Fall Colours Trail Walk – Saturday, October 15th
– PD day Youth Programs (Babysitting course, Home Alone Course, “Go Girls” mentor group)

Student-led Conferences will be held on Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday, November 16th.  Each conference will last between 30-45 minutes and you will share the classroom with a maximum of 3 other students and their families.  I am asking for you to think about which day might best suit your schedules.  For example:
Tuesday or Wednesday: 3:00-3:45, 4:00-4:45, 5:00-5:45, or 6:00-6:45
If you wouldn’t mind getting back to me with a few times on either day that would work for you, I can try to work out a schedule and send home the scheduled conference time for your child.  I very much appreciate your flexibility 🙂


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