October 17-21

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to you today for a number of reasons, but mainly because I will be out Monday and Tuesday of this coming week due to PD and a death in my extended family.  The students are aware Ms. Murnaghan (formerly, Ms. Day) & Ms. Sara Stewart will be in for me.

Important Dates: 
October 27th-28th – PEITF Convention–No Classes
November 1st – School Picture Retakes  (if you are having a retake, please indicate what was unsatisfactory with the first photo.)
November 9th – P.D. Day–No Classes
November 11th – Remembrance Day–No Classes

This week, we will begin working on N8: Demonstrate and Represent Decimals (tenths, hundredths, and thousands) concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.  Students will be coming home on Wednesday with their N2 journal that needs to be signed and corrected by Friday, October 21st. For homework, they will have an “Estimating Differences” sheet due on Friday, as well.

We have started The Human Body. More information to come!

Writer’s Workshop:
The slideshow: Learning About the Past was due on Friday.  I am eager to see what the students have completed, independently.
We are now working on another recount, based on our trip to Orwell Corner.


Word Work:
Word work homework will be sent home Monday.  We spent the last couple of weeks reviewing the expectations for homework.

The expectations are:
*Write the date and activity name at the top of the page in the scribbler
*Work is neat and easy to read
*More than one activity should fit on a page so that paper is not wasted
Students will be working with their word sort for two (2) weeks followed by a spelling quiz every second Friday.  Students are asked to complete three (3) different word work activities per week.
Homework scribblers will be collected on Fridays.

Your child should arrive home with:

  • A word work homework scribbler that has directions for the word work activities and a weekly tracking sheet
  • An example of the word sort glued into their homework agenda for reference
  • A copy of their word sort words to be cut and kept at home for word work activities

*A copy of the Word Work directions and spelling homework sheet have been emailed to the students if they ever misplaced their scribbler

The following will be due this week:
Math – Estimating Differences – due Friday, October 21st
Word Work – 3 activities due this week
Read 20 mins
Scholastic orders
due Wednesday, October 19th
Picture orders due Wednesday, October 19th

I was also wondering if you wouldn’t mind investing in two small items for your children, to make things go more smoothly in the classroom.
Glue sticks: We need glue sticks as they were not included in my back-to-school order and Elmer’s glue is just so messy!  A single glue stick or a 2-pack would be perfect.
Ear buds or headphones: Our 3 headsets for the class only work occasionally, and I’m trying to avoid sharing as much as possible. We use the Chromebooks almost daily and ear buds/headphones would really allow for every student to engage in many more of the features the device has to offer.  I have heard they sell them at the dollar store! I will provide Ziploc baggies and they would be sent home at the end of the year!

Please contact me if you have any questions,

Thank you,


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