Math Makes Sense 5 Text Book

Hi Everyone,

I know some of you are working at home in the evenings on Math.  Below you will find a few websites that might be of some help:

A pdf link to the entire Math Makes Sense 5 text book can be found here:

If your child would benefit from hearing the math text (or any other school text book) read to them, you can access the files here:

Username is stratford1 and password is stratford1

A pdf link on how to get started on Kurzweil can be found here:
Update: The link to the pdf is not working.  Please email me if you wish to have the link emailed to you.  Here is a screenshot of the folders you need to clink on, on the left hand side of the page, to access the texts.


As far as Math goes, we use the text book, sometimes.  We have most recently worked on Unit 5, Lesson 7; comparing and ordering decimals.  Please expect homework on Monday, due Thursday.  The students will have a quiz on this outcome, on Thursday.

Have a great weekend,



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