November 21-25

Hi Everyone,

We are in full swing this week with lots of things on the go.  Here is what we will be focusing on:

Word Work Homework was assigned today.  Please make sure your child is bringing home their words (to be sorted each evening). Activities are written in their blue scribbler with a title and date, underlined.  The date is to be indicated in the new schedule glued in their scribbler, as well. The correct word sort is glued in this week’s section of their agenda.

Math homework on decimal addition and subtraction went home today, due Friday

Continue reading each night for at least 20 minutes

Please send in your child’s permission form for the afternoon skate on the 25th.  If your child needs a helmet, please send me a message asap.  Your child does not have to skate, and is encouraged to bring a book and/or a device if they choose to come along for the afternoon.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the student-led conferences.  Please send in your envelope and feedback form if you haven’t already. Your experience is important to me.

5B will be participating in a “Mass Blanket Exercise“, this Thursday. This exercise is intended to get the students to, for a time at least, walk in someone else’s shoes, and raise their awareness and understanding of Aboriginal people in Canada. An aboriginal leader will be coming into the school to engage the students in a historical and holistic activity, focusing on the past. They will see on the maps, and through the experience of walking on the blankets, how many First Nations and Inuit communities existed and how their overlapping territories covered the entire land mass. This exercise ties in nicely with our next read aloud, As Long As the Rivers Flow, a memoir set in 1944 on how First Nations People had traditionally educated their children and then how the residential schools infringed on their rights and liberties.  As you can imagine, this activity is of a serious nature, but one that I hope creates a sense of culture, social justice and responsibility amongst the students.  I will be briefing them on the activity (they do not know about it yet), and we will be debriefing after the exercise as well.  Mr. O’Hanley may be engaging in conversations surrounding these topics as well, as he has studied Canadian Indigenous History. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tomorrow, the students will be bringing home a notice from the Stratford Youth Centre re: Family Fun Day, November 26th and Family Movie Day, November 27th.

Have a great week!


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