Snow day, Wednesday, November 30th

Good morning,

I hope everyone is safe and sound and not having to travel on the roads this morning, but I’m sure some of you are. I was thinking if some of you were wanting school work to do for your children today, I could offer a few suggestions:

Reading (practice reading aloud)

Math – I created a few math games on Prodigy ( for the students to do in class today. With prodigy, I am able to see how students did on each question. If you don’t already know about it, players are to answer the skill testing questions and answer correctly to play a fantasy game. The students are obsessed with it and no doubt you will be asked for some computer time today.

Math – Write down some basic multiplication questions 1-digit by 1-digit and have them practice their multiplication skills
This would be a more challenging sheet as it is two-digit by 1-digit. We will be moving to 2-by-2).

Word Work – Have them sort their words as they usually do, and complete a few exercises on separate pieces of loose leaf (not their scribbler). A story using 5-6 words would be a longer activity

Writing – We are currently working on a how-to piece.  They are working on one with partners. They could choose a new topic and write their own how-to, today. They may even want to practice it first and then demonstrate it after they have written it (For example, how to tie your shoes, how to tape a hockey stick, how to make cookies etc.)

No pressure to do any of these!



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