December 12-16

Hi Everyone,

There may or may not be a blog post to follow in the coming days, but here is a run down of what we are trying to accomplish this week:


This week in Writer’s Workshop, students will be using the iPad app ChatterPix Kids to present their Persuasive letter to Santa as to whether they should be on the Naughty or Nice list. Feel free to have a chat with them about which position they’ve chosen and what reasons they have to back up their choice!

Students are encouraged to continue reading at least 20 minutes, each evening.

In Math, we will be assessing the students on converting Decimals to Fractions with like and unlike denominators as well as Equivalent Fractions, before the break. The students can easily convert decimals to fractions when the denominators are 10, 100 and 1000, however I am noticing the children are finding it more difficult to convert when the denominator is not a base ten, for example when the denominators are 4, 5, 20, and 25. Please continue working with your children on their basic multiplication facts as our work from here on in relies heavily on quick multiplication skills.  You will continue to see homework in these areas this Monday and next.

Word work is in it’s second week for your child’s particular sort. Three activities are due on Friday.

Mr. O’Hanley has started a Wellness & Nutrition unit in Health and I will pick up where he leaves off, next week.

This is Mr. O’Hanley’s last week with us in 5B, ending Thursday. He tells me he has really enjoyed his time in our classroom with your children and we wish him much success in his future endeavors, especially during his second placement in New Zealand a few months from now. If you wouldn’t mind sending in $1 towards a gift for Mr. O’Hanley, I would be happy to pick something up on the student’s behalf as I know they would be excited to present him with a small token of their appreciation which they’ve all contributed to.

Have a great week!



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