January 9 – 20

Hello and nyeHappy New Year! Well, 5B is certainly in the swing of things, already. We have some great things planned over the next few weeks and I am looking forward to setting new goals for our second term and final set of student-led conferences in March.

As we enter a new calendar year, we are also beginning new outcomes for almost every subject, while we continue to focus on our Grade 5 Foundational learning outcomes (more to come on that).

In Math, we will be having a Math assessment on the following outcomes on Thursday, January 12th:

  • N7:Demonstrate an understanding of fractions by using concrete and pictorial representations to: create sets of equivalent fractions and compare fractions with like and unlike denominators.
  • N9: Relate decimals to fractions (to thousandths).

Our next outcome is N5: Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication (2-digit by 2-digit) to solve problems. Students will learn how to use base tens, area models, and partial products to show their understanding, as well as using the traditional method of multiplication. I will provide you with youtube links and reviews on how to use these strategies as well. Students need to have an understanding of basic multiplication facts (0-9) and it is encouraged that you work with your child a few nights a week on quick recall of facts.

In Writing, we will be learning how to write a Descriptive Report which ties in nicely with our new Social Studies, Investigating Past SocietiesWhat Do We Understand about the Diverse Societies of First Nations and Inuit. Students will be expected to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the diverse societies of First Nations and Inuit in what later became Canada
  • examine decision-making practices in First Nations and Inuit societies in what later became Atlantic Canada

In Reader’s Workshop, we will be starting a new reading strategy, focusing on sequencing (noticing the parts of a story) as well as working with procedure maps and directions, tying in with Social Studies and geography.

We continue to work on Health & Wellness. We are currently learning about what it means to maintain a healthy body, inside and out. Students will also be asked to try new foods over the course of the next few weeks, documenting what they’ve tried and rating their preference for it. We’ve discussed how I’m not asking parents to make extravagant meals or spend money on expensive food items, but that the students merely try a new food presented to them, or to eat a food they have refused in the past. The goal is to learn more about nutrition and that trying new foods can open a whole new world, for some.

Word Work starts up again this week. Students are expected to sort their words each evening (3) before they begin an activity. Each homework activity is to be dated in their blue word work scribbler, with the title and date indicated above each.

FYI – Ms. Stewart will be in for me tomorrow (Tuesday) as the Grade 5 teachers meet with one of the Department’s Math specialists in house to help us launch some new initiatives in regards to how we facilitate Math at the class and small group level. Please contact the office if you should need to get ahold of me or your child.

Have a great week!



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