January 23-27th

Hi Everyone,

5B knew it would be likely I would be out for a few days this week. My grandmother has passed away so I will be in Nova Scotia from Monday to Wednesday. Ms. Sara Stewart is in for me. As such, I will not be assigning any word work homework this week, just the usual reading each evening.

This week, students are finishing up their Persuasive Letter as to why P.E.I is so great (a writing contest put on by the Charlottetown Rotary) and will soon be starting research for their Descriptive Reports, describing a particular group First Nations and Inuit people, which we’ve been learning about in Social Studies. We continue to learn about our own Health & Wellness and in Reader’s Workshop, we have started a new read aloud called, Kensuke’s Kingdom.

I am really happy with how the students have been grasping the concept and procedure of multiplying 2-digit by 2-digits using the area model. Tomorrow and Tuesday, 5B will be multiplying using Base Ten blocks and Wednesday they will be learning how to use the Distributive Property method. Each of these strategies have the same concept and I am eager to sebase-ten-blockse them make these connections. The links below demonstrate what is expected of your child. I encourage you to have a glance at the links from this week and last and perhaps have your child practice multiplying using the area model. We have been comparing these methods to the traditional way you and I were all used to, but it will be the last method I  explicitly teach. At the end of the day, students can use whichever strategy they like best, but they will be expected to know how to perform each strategy during this unit.

Area Models for Multiplication Partial Products

Multiplication Using Base Ten Blocks

Using the Distributive Property to Solve Multiple-digit Multiplication

Looking forward to returning to 5B on Thursday. Have a great week!


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