Feb 21 – 24

Hi Everyone,

I neglected to remind the students that tomorrow is “Pink Shirt Day“. It was on the announcements so your child may or may not already know, but tomorrow we are encouraged to wear pink (not something in my closet!) I will have bracelets to hand out so no worries if your child doesn’t have anything, but I thought I’d send out a reminder just in case.

The multiplication math tests were to be handed back today, corrected and signed. We are now working on Division and below you will find 2 links to how we divided using Base Ten blocks the past two math classes. I will post more links as we progress.

Students have been asked to complete 3 word work activities, due Friday.

Student-led Conferences will be held on Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th. Please expect your time to come home with your child, tomorrow. It will be the same or very similar to your time last term. I hope that works for you!

Division videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWANSAZsE0w (Division without remainder)


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