May 8 – 19

Hi Everyone,

The pace is picking up in 5B again, and we are looking forward to transitioning to new units in all subjects. Here is a snapshot of each:

Math SS1 – continuing with Area and Perimeter. We will look to finish up this particular outcome this week. Please look for this week’s “Forget-Me-Not Friday” Quiz #3 coming home today, due Friday. We will be having another Foundational Outcome quiz in class, on Friday as well. This unit completes our foundational outcomes for Grade 5, but we will continue to learn about Measurement for the next bit. I consistently offer extra help every Day 6 at Homework Club if your child feels they need extra support in any area.

Reader’s Workshop – Tomorrow, students will begin a Mystery Book Club Unit: “Crimes, Clues & Suspects”. Each child will be assigned a Mystery novel to discuss with their peers. Book club groups will meet every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss their novels based on a response question, and selected reading assignments, due each day. Your child will have a green duotang with their group schedule, indicating the chapters to be read. This duotang will also include their written notes, helping guide their discussions. Please see the attached file for the Book Club assignments. It is very important that your child reads the assigned reading each day, and that the reading assignments and responses are completed at home, if not in class. Also, we do not have extra copies of the novels, so they must return each day.  See below for a cover shot of your child’s novel.
*Attached is a link to the Book Club schedule for each novel. 2017CrimesCluesBookClub

Writer’s Workshop – We are continuing to write our Mystery narratives. Students should be working hard to finish their first draft, looking to peer edit and revise, shortly. We will look to produce a final draft next week, using our Book Club novels to help strengthen our writing. Our next text type will be an Explanatory Report, which will fit nicely with our new Humanities unit.

Humanities – We are finishing up our Science: Changes in Matter Unit, today and are looking to begin a new Social Studies chapter: How Does Environment Influence Societies? We will be creating a triptych (3 paneled project) that demonstrates how the ancient civilization of Nubia used and affected the environmental resources around them over time. Students will be collecting materials similar to our last Social Studies project, in a few weeks. As mentioned above, we will be writing an Explanatory Report based on this information, focusing on cause-and-effect.

On Wednesday, May 17th, we will be walking to the Stratford Town Hall to take part in a Water Conservation presentation. This is one of my favourite field trips and one the students will really enjoy. A permission form is going home today, to be returned by Thursday. As mentioned in my last blog post, please do not order hot lunch on this day. Brown bag lunch is a must as there will be no access to microwaves.

2017-2018 Stratford School supply forms (blue sheet) went home last week. Please check off which method you would prefer to pay by (on-line hot lunch, cash or cheque). Forms and fees are due May 31st.

Have a great week!


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