June 5 – 9

Hi Families,

Amongst all the craziness, I neglected to send an email out on Friday regarding our Social Studies “Nubia” triptych projects. Students have divvied up their materials to be purchased at the Dollar Store and we would like to start working on the triptychs by Friday. Each child should have no more than 2 or 3 items to purchase. If Thursday is too much of a time constraint for you, please let me know and we might push the project date ahead, if need be. I apologize for not sending out the reminder prior to the weekend. Materials the student need will be things like: sand, clay, animals, trees/vegetation and rocks. Students will be creating an Explanatory Report via Google Slides for this project.

Your child is coming home today with a Personal Safety permission form which we will be covering in Health, the third week of June. Please have a read and return the bottom of the form by the end of the week.

In Math, we have finished the Measurement section, and we are now into Geometry. The students have been doing a great job in both units and I am pleased with their progress. We will have another Foundational Quiz next Monday, as well as a Word Problem quiz this Thursday. For homework, students are to finish a mixed word problem sheet, due Friday.

A new set of novel letters are due on Friday. Students are to write another letter using different questions and the same book, or a different novel if they have finished their previous one. They are encouraged to talk about their novel with you and write their novel letter, independently. Certainly, discussions surrounding how they could improve their letter is encouraged, but I would like to see the students write their letter as independently as possible. Please also have a look at their Book Club responses in the first section of their green duotangs, if you have not already done so.

Thank you for all your support,


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