End of year housekeeping

Hi Everyone,

The end is near! Much to the dismay of your children, I have not assigned any homework this week…other than reading their daily minimum of 20 minutes each evening. I know they are dreading summer break! đŸ˜‰

I am starting to send home the student’s belongings. Today we have sent home their Art portfolios and any supplies they brought in for their Nubia triptychs.  Tomorrow, we will be sending home their LA binders. There are some valuable things in both. As you know, their final copies of written text forms are on Google Drive, but they are printed and in your child’s binder as well. There is also a yellow monthly scribbler that has some nice recounts you might like to read sometime. Math and all other materials will go home towards the end of the week. If your child has any text books, classroom library books, school library books or anything else that needs to be returned, please have them do so by Friday.

Just a heads up, our personal health and safety unit starts tomorrow morning. Questions and discussions may arise.

Our field trip is on Monday the 26th. We will leave after the announcements around 8:40am. The movie is slated to start around noon and we will aim to be back at the school for 2:00pm.

We would like to have a class party on Tuesday, the 27th at lunch. Some students have asked if they can bring some treats in if they hadn’t signed up at the beginning of the year. Please feel free if you are able and willing đŸ™‚


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