Ms. Cameron MacIsaac’s 5B Blog – September 25th

Hi Everyone,

A few important dates:
Tuesday, September 26th – Picture Day
Friday, September 28th – Excursion to Orwell Corner (9:00am to 2:00pm)
Friday, October 6th – PD (no school)
Monday, October 9th – Thanksgiving (no school)

I will be out the morning of October 4th, returning in the afternoon. Ms. Rebecca Hughes will be in for me. I will also be out on Tuesday, October 10th for the day. Ms. Charlene Chubbs will be in for me. Both teachers are quite familiar with the students and the school. Please contact the office if you should need to on those days.

For the past few weeks in Math, we have been working on Place Value and representing numbers up to one million. Homework was assigned today, due Thursday. Please take a peek at the worksheet. Your child should be able to complete all questions, independently. This week we are beginning a foundational outcome on Estimation. Students will be expected to know how to estimate large numbers in a variety of ways, depending on the context of the situation. This will be an ongoing outcome and I will provide more information as we get into the unit.

Our trip to Orwell Corner will complete our Social Studies unit Learning About the Past. For their final project, students will be completing a slide show with the help of their oral history project, interviewing someone from the past. I will provide each student with guiding questions for their interview. This will look different for each student, but ideally, students have some sort of recording device (ipod, ipad, phone, or a scribe such as you) so they can refer to their interview notes later on. The main questions we want students to think about is “how was life different in the past?” and “how is life the same as the past?“. We would also like them to reflect on what was most interesting thing they learned from their interview. An in-person interview is ideal, but phone, skype and email work too. We talked about taking pictures with the interviewee and ideas for photos they are to include in their slideshow (actual photos or something from the internet). Please look for the interview questions to come home by the end of the week. I would like the students to complete the interview after their trip to Orwell has happened so they have an opportunity to make some connections. Interviews are asked to be completed by Tuesday, October 10th.

Please remind your children that our trip to Orwell on Friday requires a bagged lunch with no microwaveable items. Also, it’s a good idea to dress in warm layers as part of the day is spent outside.

Thank you! 🙂

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