November 23rd

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder, tomorrow afternoon we are heading to Pownal Rink for an afternoon skate. If your child would prefer not to skate, they are allowed to watch from the stands or bring something to occupy themselves in the quiet room with me. Please let me know if your child is not attending.

We had a lovely morning at the movies watching Wonder. It was a great way to celebrate our first read aloud of the year. I think the children really enjoyed it. There was a huge applause at the end and maybe a few tears throughout. Look for their Wonder fan art next time you are in 5B!

File_000 (5)

I am attaching the correct answers to your children’s homework that is due tomorrow. I know some students have already passed it in, but I thought some of you would like to see what I am looking for. I’m also attaching a link to the concept of working to the thousandths.

File_000 (4)


File_002 (1)

File_003 (1)

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