Math homework: Equivalent Fractions (Answers)

Hi Everyone,

I’m attaching the answers to this week’s math homework on Equivalent Fractions. Your child should be able to do the majority of the assignment, independently. 

Please note, on question #3 of Lesson 1 from the student book, students are not required to circle anything within the array they have drawn. Merely draw the array and shade in the equivalent fraction. (If this is clear as mud to you, I’m ok with circling 😉

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5B can draw equivalent fractions

Hi there,
I’m attaching today’s lesson plan in case some of you would like to understand part of what I am expecting for N7: Fractions.

Below is a guide to the sort of thinking your child may use when drawing and identifying equivalent fractions. There are other ways, of course, but this is one method we have been using.

Drawing or using counters to model is an important way to understand the concept of equivalent fractions before moving onto the procedure, i.e. multiplying or dividing numbers to create equivalent fractions.

Hope this helps!

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January 22 – 26

Hi Families,

We continue to work with N7: Fractions this week. For the next few days, we will focus on creating sets of equivalent fractions both symbolically (numbers) and pictorially (models). I will be sending homework home in these areas next week, once we have had a few days to practice in school.

Image result for equivalent fractionsIn the meantime, here are a few links your child can use to practice at home:

In Writer’s Workshop, we have begun a Narrative Unit, with the end goal of writing a Mystery. We are reviewing how to make our writing better by incorporating engaging leads, transitional phrases, and stronger conclusions. This Mystery unit will include elements such as detectives, victims, suspects, witnesses, alibies, red herrings, evidence, clues and of course…a crime!

On Wednesday, I will be out (but still in the school) working with our Literacy Coach and the other grade five teachers to plan a future unit, tied to Social Studies. Mr. O’Hanley will be in for me again.

Have a great week! 🙂



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Math – New Unit: N7 Fractions

Hi Everyone,

Reminder: Last week’s math test on Decimals is to be signed, corrections on a separate piece of paper if needed, and returned by Friday.

At the beginning of the week, we started a new unit in Math: N7 Fractions. In this unit, students will be expected to demonstrate the following:
– compare fractions with the same numerators/denominators and explain their thinking
– compare fractions with unlike numerators/denominators
– create a set of equivalent fractions, and explain, using concrete materials and pictorial representations, why there are many equivalent fractions for any given fraction

I am posting a link to the first few videos the students have watched on Kahn Academy. There is a practice link that may be beneficial for your child in the evenings.


Visualizing Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fraction Models

Practice (Equivalent Fraction Models)

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Growth Mindset Video – Four Boosting Messages

5B is writing their N9 & N10 Math test this morning. Before we got started, we watched this video with some very important messages. If you have 10 minutes today, I highly recommend you watch it yourself. Growth mindset is something we continue to work on in 5B! 🙂

Four Boosting Messages

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Math reviews 

Hi Families,

I’m sending home your child’s two (2) Math reviews for the upcoming Math test which I’m moving to Thursday. I am also sending home the master answer sheet to both. Your child is to finish their incomplete reviews independently before referring to the answer sheets if they did not finish today.

For extra practice, feel free to use these as a means of creating the same types of questions but with different Decimals and Fractions. Please note, if the denominators we are working with are not 10, 100 or 1000, they are factors of 100 and can easily be converted to fractions with a denominator of 100.

Thank you,

Meredith img_9058

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5B ClassDojo Parent sign-up

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for ClassDojo, so far. I would like everyone to sign up by Monday in order for all students to share in the positive progress we track each day. 

Just a reminder: more than one parent per student can sign up! Also, the mobile app is great, but simply checking in on the website works too –

If your child did not bring home your personalized code I can email it to you, or if you would prefer, I can invite you via email. Please send me your preferred address if you would like an invite. 

Thanks and have a great weekend! 


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