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Thanks to all the families of 5B who have signed up for this school year’s blog. You will find any and all important here!

I hope to see you all tomorrow night at Stratford Elementary for “Meet the Staff” night at 6:30pm!

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5B blog

Hi Families,

I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. It sure flew by quickly. Just a friendly reminder to unfollow my blog for the upcoming school year…unless you think you’ll feel the void of my weekly blog posts, which would be totally understandable! ūüėČ

Looking forward to seeing some special grade sixers grace the halls of Stratford Elementary, soon! 


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End of year housekeeping

Hi Everyone,

The end is near! Much to the dismay of your children, I have not assigned any homework this week…other than reading their daily minimum of 20 minutes each evening. I know they are dreading summer break! ūüėČ

I am starting to send home the student’s belongings. Today we have sent home their Art portfolios and any supplies they brought in for their Nubia triptychs. ¬†Tomorrow, we will be sending home their LA binders. There are some valuable things in both. As you know, their final copies of written text forms are on Google Drive, but they are printed and in your child’s binder as well. There is also a yellow monthly scribbler that has some nice recounts you might like to read¬†sometime. Math and all other materials will go home towards the end of the week. If your child has any text books, classroom library books, school library books or anything else that needs to be returned, please have them do so by Friday.

Just a heads up, our personal health and safety unit starts tomorrow morning. Questions and discussions may arise.

Our field trip is on Monday the 26th. We will leave after the announcements around 8:40am. The movie is slated to start around noon and we will aim to be back at the school for 2:00pm.

We would like to have a class party on Tuesday, the 27th at lunch. Some students have asked if they can bring some treats in if they hadn’t signed up at the beginning of the year. Please feel free if you are able and willing ūüôā


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June 5 – 9

Hi Families,

Amongst all the craziness, I neglected to send an email out on Friday regarding our Social Studies “Nubia” triptych projects. Students have divvied up their materials to be purchased at the Dollar Store and we would like to start working on the triptychs by Friday. Each child should have no more than 2 or 3 items to purchase. If Thursday is too much of a time constraint for you, please let me know and we might push the project date ahead, if need be. I apologize for not sending out the reminder prior to the weekend. Materials the student need will be things like: sand, clay, animals, trees/vegetation and rocks. Students will be creating an Explanatory Report via Google Slides for this project.

Your child is coming home today with a Personal Safety permission form which we will be covering in Health, the third week of June. Please have a read and return the bottom of the form by the end of the week.

In Math, we have finished the Measurement section, and we are now into Geometry. The students have been doing a great job in both units and I am pleased with their progress. We will have another Foundational Quiz next Monday, as well as a Word Problem quiz this Thursday. For homework, students are to finish a mixed word problem sheet, due Friday.

A new set of novel letters are due on Friday. Students are to write another letter using different questions and the same book, or a different novel if they have finished their previous one. They are encouraged to talk about their novel with you and write their novel letter, independently. Certainly, discussions surrounding how they could improve their letter is encouraged, but I would like to see the students write their letter as independently as possible. Please also have a look at their Book Club responses in the first section of their green duotangs, if you have not already done so.

Thank you for all your support,


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5B May 29 – June 2nd

Hi Everyone,

Your children are coming home with a number of important items/assignments, today. Please have a look at their agenda and the items in their bags/binders.

The Foundational Math Quiz #3 went home on Friday, to be corrected and signed and returned. The Area & Perimeter quiz went home last week as well. Forget-Me-Not-Friday #6 homework went home today, due Friday, June 2nd.

We have begun Novel Letters today. Your child is to write me a 3 paragraph letter about the book they are reading at home, in the evenings. I have attached the instruction sheet with guided questions (within, beyond and about the text) in their green duotangs. A sample letter based on our read aloud, Wonder is also in their duotang. This week’s novel letter¬†is due Friday.

Home and School has sent two letters home¬†today. The yellow sheet is information regarding concerns surrounding the “Better Learning For All” government platform. If you agree with the concerns outlined, we ask that you sign and return the white sheet by Friday, June 2nd. We really appreciate your support in this matter.

Just a reminder: School supply forms/$ and field trip forms/$ due Friday, June 2nd

You can find the novel letter instructions here: Novel Letter Instructions

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Forms, forms, forms…

Hi Families,

Just a reminder, I am collecting the following:

– Blue school supply form (and money if you wish to pay in cash)
– Spring Fling monetary donation ($1 or $2) for Friday, May 26th
– Book Orders, due Friday, May 26th
– End of year school trip money and forms (permission and movie) due Friday, June 2nd

Math homework will be going home today, due Friday, May 26th

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Grade 5 Math Foundational Learning Outcome Quiz results

Hi Everyone,

The students are coming home with Quiz 2 of the Foundational Learning Outcomes, completed this morning. Please have a look, sign and return. They are also coming home with their corrected Math homework. I will be assigning another homework package on Monday, due Friday. However, these questions have the indicated outcome removed from the question and the questions themselves have been mixed up so the students may find the questions more challenging, without being told specifically what to do.

Below is a snapshot of the results from the two quizzes. I am happy to see an improvement from the first quiz and will give us a sense of what questions are proving to be more difficult than others.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you fantastic moms out there!


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