Student-led Conferences March 4th & 5th

Parents of 5B,

Please check your messages on Class Dojo regarding student-led conferences!
Thank you! 🙂


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Multiplication strategies

Hi Everyone, here is an old blog post from a previous year which includes videos for all of the strategies your child has learned in multiplication. We will be moving onto Division, next week!

Ms. Cameron MacIsaac's 5B Blog

Hi Everyone,

This week your child will be bringing home an information sheet on the different multiplication strategies. Homework will also be coming home, focusing on vertical method and the traditional algorithm (or compressed vertical method). We began with base-ten blocks and then moved to area model, using partial products. We use partial products with distributive property, the vertical method, and the traditional algorithm.

We started the traditional algorithm today and I will be looking to have a quiz at the end of the week.

Below are videos to help with each method. At the end of the year, students are expected to solve 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems using their favourite strategy.

Base-ten blocks

Area Model

Distributive Property

Vertical Method

Traditional Algorithm (compressed vertical method)

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5B can use “Distributive Property” to multiply 2-digits by 2-digits

Hi Everyone,
The students are feeling comfortable moving on from Area Model and Vertical Method (partial products) moving towards a similar method called “Distributive Property”. Below is a video for this particular strategy we will be working on tomorrow, and Thursday.

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5B February 3 – 7

Hi Everyone,

Those students who were missing last Friday will be bringing their math homework home this evening. It is due Thursday. The students and I have decided that I will have homework available Thursdays from now on as many students miss Fridays and storms seem to happen on those days. So moving forward, they will have a week to complete it, Thursday to Thursday.

This week in Math the students are moving away from multiplying using base-tens and area models towards a strategy called Vertical Method. Today, we linked our previous work with area models by continuing to use expanded numbers and partial products. Please see the image below for the type of work I’m looking for.

We began our Persuasive Unit in Writer’s Workshop, today and the students did a great job of supporting their opinions! I am excited to see their growth during this unit!

Please expect a message via Class Dojo shortly regarding student-led conferences. Usually, the second time around, it is easiest to keep the same time slot as the first round, but I may need to make some modifications and you may need to as well. Conferences will be held on Wednesday, March 4th and Thursday, March 5th. I would like to keep it to 3 students for every 45-minute time slot and will send a message out shortly to confirm your time. Thanks for your support! 🙂

Have a great week!



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5B January 27 – February 1

Hi Everyone,

I will be out this coming Monday and Tuesday for department meetings. Ms. Fitzpatrick will be in for me. If you should need to contact your child, please do so through the office.

Starting Monday, we are beginning a new outcome in Math: N5 Multiplying 2-digits by 2-digits. I am posting two links to the first two strategies we will be focusing on in the first few days of next week. We had an assessment on N2: Estimation and I will send that home once they have all been corrected. Homework this week is on estimation and basic multiplication, due Thursday.

In Reader’s Workshop, we are continuing to enjoy Kensuke’s Kingdom. The students are really engaged and eager to find out what happens, next. I am beginning individual assessments this week and continue to encourage your children to continue reading each evening. Practicing reading aloud to you and being asked questions about their understanding will greatly support their success in the classroom.

In Health, we will be discussing Personal Health: hygiene and body image.

In Writer’s Workshop, we continue to prepare for our Persuasive Unit. The grade five teachers will be coming together Wednesday to look at our student’s writing and plan our mini-lessons. I’m looking forward to diving into this unit and sharing our work with you in the near future!

Have a great week!


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5B Persuasive Writing Unit

To kick off our Persuasive Writing unit, we read Malala’s Magic Pencil, this afternoon.

As you hopefully read in yesterday’s blog post, I am hoping you can have a conversation with your child this evening about some things they feel strongly about.

Students will be asked to write for 45 minutes tomorrow, arguing or sharing their opinion, persuading the reader for change of some sort. The audience could be you, me, the principal, community leaders, politicians etc. We are trying to get away from the letters home asking for a new puppy 🐶😜

Your support is really appreciated!

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5B January 20 – 24

Hi Families,

Homework: As there was no school on Friday, math homework will be going home today, due Thursday. The homework is on Estimation: front-end rounding and compatible numbers, a concept that should be a review at this point. I posted a video on the blog early last week, which reviews rounding, as well.
Also, I have asked the children to practice their basic multiplication facts in the evenings. Practicing their quick recall of one-digit by one-digit facts will help our work in the classroom, especially when we move on to our next outcome next week, N5: Mutliplying two-digits by two-digits.

In Writer’s Workshop, your child has just finished an entry in their best writing scribbler and we are moving on to a new unit, Persuasive Writing.
On Tuesday, I am going to share a read-aloud book that demonstrates how one child changed the world with words. The book is called “Malala’s Magic Pencil”. Following the read aloud, I am going to ask the children to think about a topic that he/she knows and cares about, an issue around which he/she has strong feelings. I want them to go home on Tuesday night and really think about what they feel strongly about. Please support your child by having a small discussion with them about possible topics. In class on Wednesday, students will have 45 minutes to write an opinion or argument text in which they will write their opinion/claim and tell reasons why they feel that way.  I will be using this writing piece as a baseline for my future mini-lessons for this persuasive writing unit. I will send a note home on Tuesday as a reminder for everyone as I have not yet introduced the unit and will do so with the read loud. 

In Reader’s Workshop, we continue to work on Sequencing (putting things in order). We have also been focusing on using text features during our guided reading. Again, I have to stress the importance of reading, each night, especially when guided reading assignments come home. I really notice a difference in the classroom when students are reading consistently. After this week I will be moving on to individual assessments in reading. We appreciate your support. 🙂

In Health, we continue to work on Wellness Choices. We have linked our Grow Garden to ways we can promote healthy activities in the community. Our seeds are starting to sprout and we will be looking to install our LED light in the next week or so!

Tomorrow, a representative from Kids Code Jeunesse will be with us to teach 5B how to code using microbits. This will give us a good introduction/review for future projects, including our Grow Garden!


Have a great week! 🙂


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